Wacky Line Graphs: A Copulation Between the Left and Right Brain


Lets put it out there: I suck at science. Nevertheless, I thrive at elevating bullcrap to an art form. To me, graphs are picture shows put on by left brainers to convince the right brainers that left brainers still have right brain visual capabilities.  To God, graphs are the green boogers that are left over from his breathing divine destiny into the human experience: Useless after-blow!

Kurt Vonnegut’s line graphs depicting drama fluctuations in the literary story of Cinderella and Kafka’s typical plot. Helen Keller would kill to feel these graph’s up.


But once I saw Kurt Vonnegut’s line graph evaluating the good and bad fortune of the Grimm’s Fairytale character Cinderella, I knew I had to apply my own assessments to this particular “mind craft”. The following are ten line graphs of various states of being, situations, and people I wonder about (when I am not meditating on Cocoa Puffs or Vladimir Putin’s pout).


Miley Cyrus Graph


Bathroom GraphSteve Jobs Graph

Birth graphObama Graph

Death Graph

Pimple Graph


Rosanne Graph

Gore Vidal Graph


You Reading Graph




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