Ten New Words to Add to the Urban Dictionary


I’m a rotten blogger; I rarely read other people’s blogs. I guess you can call me the anti-blog blogger. If I have by chance read your blog, it’s because I was either attracted by the bright colors, you had something new to say and GOT TO THE POINT (unlike this post), or I was just interested in keeping my pupils fit by doing eyeball calisthenics. Ok, I admit, I may have also typed in keywords like “hot naked men” or “hot men who like stupid women” and hit on your blog.

Yes, I even recycled this sad cartoon off the internet.

Yes, I even recycled this sad cartoon off the internet.

But really, why do I avoid reading most blogs? I’m either annoyed that I haven’t written a brilliant post that someone else has already written first, OR I am tired of the fact that I constantly see the same words used in their same old context, in the same old boring ways. Even “cliché” is a cliché! Why can’t more people invent new words with new meanings like those that are added into the Urban Dictionary? Why not recycle those over-used, tired puppies lined up in our American Heritage Dictionary? YES, LETS RECYCLE!!! The following are ten new words or phrases along with their definitions I propose to add to the Urban Dictionary.

1) Chinese cheesy– something silly that doesn’t really exist.
Sample sentence: My god, did you see that UFO with the Bedazzled rims…thats Chinese cheesy!

2) hangman– an impotent male
Sample sentence: I am so sick of my husband being a hangman, I think I’ll have to get knocked up by the cable guy.

3) air conditioner– a cool talkin’ person
Sample sentence: Jay-Z is just an air conditioner, especially when he’s hanging with Obama.

4) flat-top– a level-headed person
Sample sentence: There are no flat-tops in the Kardashian family.

5) bacon– a well prepared cop
Sample sentence: Don’t speed down the Santa Monica Freeway  ‘cuz there’s bacon everywhere.

6) pencil pusher– a pushy person who tries to make you buy his/her point of view
Sample sentence: The whole Bush-Cheney Administration was made up of assholes and pencil pushers.

7) Virginia  slim– an east coast anorexic
Sample sentence: I ain’t no Virginia slim, I’m a meat and potato eatin’ Texan that blesses his stomach by keeping it full like the good Lord intended.

8) nursing nun– a non-practicing virgin
Sample sentence: So what if I’m a nursing nun, so was Mary, the mother of Jesus, at some point!

9) garlic mouthwash– a rotten kiss
Sample sentence: Don’t feel bad that you gave her a garlic mouthwash, she’s been cheating on you with your best buddy on the football team anyhow.

10) cocktail– a lady’s rear-end or a homosexual male
Sample sentence: Check out that big cocktail in the neon-pink tights; its blinding my eyes.


11 responses

    1. you made my minute…and my day. Thanks

    2. Blogging is an art
      not everyone can do it

    3. have a blog everyday….

    4. reading a blog is also an art

    5. to grasp the meaning of blog quickly

  1. I can imagine someone talking in Urban Dictionary lingo and me understaning nothing. Or just the very opposite. The language is moving faster I can learn it )))

    1. * than I can learn it

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