Slacker with a Camera: Beaufort, South Carolina

You’d think a bachelors degree in art history and a job working for the Museum of Photographic Arts of San Diego would have convinced me to get a camera that didn’t come out of a gumball machine. Truth be known, I’m not worthy of a decent camera.  I’m too lazy to put any work into taking photos. I snap my pics like I snap my fingers, uno…dos…tres…ok, lets move on. Basically, I just want a record of the essences of the places I visit. The following are images of Beaufort, South Carolina taken by yours truly. And don’t worry, I wont include any of the images I took of my thumb.

This house makes me want to test the paint for lead.

They don’t call it the land of ghostwood for nothing.

There were often dolphins swimming up the Beaufort River…that and uh…

Obviously, the pic above is a pub…hmmm

And you thought your bed was hard.

The best town to send your kid trick or treating at night.

The bank that mogul Ted Turner’s dad probably owned at some point. Last I heard, Ted owned an island all to himself somewhere outside Beaufort, S.C.

And last but not least, the shot that would make Alfred Stieglitz puke in his grave…the “slacker” ghost behind the camera. So much for truth in photography!


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  1. good collection especially the water reflection near the dock 🙂

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