Write like a GOD.

Writer as GodI am not a writer. I put stuff together in sentences that at times partly communicates what goes on in my mind and spirit, but I am not a writer. I have been know to formulate new dimensions in feeling by playing the game of word arranging, resulting in what some call poetry. Still, I am not a writer. I don’t write for writing sake. I don’t write for a particular “audience”. I am just as likely to market my writing to a particular segment of the population as I am to market my spirit to be canned up and labeled “Hot Air for Dummies”.

First and foremost, I feel. Next, I think. Thirdly, I try to interweave these two in a way that leaves behind some sort of harmonious pattern via the English language. Whether what comes out attracts conjoined twins in the 30 something age range of the lower middle class, or is appealing to ivy league, pot smoking Jimmy Buffet fans, all the better.

A writer is someone who writes with the forethought of aiming at a market audience for the sole purpose of making a living. An artist uses writing as a medium to live through a new profound experience for themselves with a very unique application that will ideally be re-experienced by a reader. At times, these two methods overlap and you end up with something most artists and writers rarely experience: monetary success and immortality in their own lifetimes. There is nothing wrong with either of these methods, either on their own or exercised together. I just know, at this stage with myself, I regards to my poetry, I tend to be more the artist. My hope is to write my way into both.

“So who do you want to communicate to? Who do u want to reach?” was what a mentor of mine asked concerning my writing. I want to be like God. I want to what he did for the Bible. I want to be able to reach everyone and anyone with or without a soul. God has always been the best market strategist. Did Moses ever really think the Ten Commandments would still be read by brats from Israel to the Virgin Islands? Like God, I would hope to consider everyone. Why would I want to cut off a segment of people? I dont prefer writing for the upper classes more than the lower classes. I don’t care if my audience has an IQ that matches the total in my checking account (which by the way is made up of a single digit).

I understand if I put on my business mogul goggles, in the real world, writing itself already cuts off a certain segment of people such as: illiterates, people under the age of 2, and Americans (well, more like my family members). I know there will be segments of people I will never reach no matter how scientifically advanced the world is. More of a reason to realize what a wiz God has been to keep the Bible on the bestseller list for millenniums. More a reason to write for everyone. More reason to write like a GOD.


2 responses

  1. Hilarious and omnipotent post! We are all God’s tapped in human bodies!

    1. In my case, easier said than done, but i do like the airforce…i aim high. THnx for reading.

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